October 6th, 2010

Dear Larry,

I just wanted to drop a note to thank you so very much for the wonderful job you all did this past week. My neighbor had told me about Gerstel Office Furniture and had raved about the quality and value, but truth be told I needed to see it with my own eyes.

When I was told that I would have two weeks to prepare to welcome a new Associate, I was skeptical in thinking I could pull it off everything off in this short period. Once, I had my contractor hired and assured me of the time table to complete the work, I came to see you. My expectation was zero and then we entered the room. Floor to ceiling nowhere to walk! I described what I was looking for and the next thing I knew you became a man on a mission, knowing every square inch of that enormous room. Knowing exactly what I was looking for, you jumped on tables and twirled things around so that I could see what you knew was there. When you showed me what I was looking for, I still hesitated. The price and value was too inexpensive. Gerstel was also going to re-furbish everything and make it look like new? OK, I thought if it was awful, I could always refuse it.

I explained that I was really pressed for time as the new Associate was to start on the 1st of October and the contractor was planning on working through the weekend to have walls moved and painted. On Monday morning, on Monday morning, when you called to tell me that everything was ready, I was shocked. Of course, with all the chaos around me, what not take delivery of the furniture?

Then Fred and John came. What a wonderful group of people you have working with you. They came, they didn't complain and quickly brought everything into the office and set it up. When I noticed that one of the drawers didn't pop open like it was supposed to, they quickly fixed it and were just wonderful. When I asked them to move the cabinet to another space a few inches away, they did it and were an absolute pleasure to help settle the new Associate in.

The end of this story is that the new Associate was very much impressed with his desk. (he said that it was the nicest desk he has ever had) My boss thought I was amazing to have selected the wonderful items and that I was also able to save him money. So thank you for making me look great! I did tell my boss that it was all the wonderful people that made my work go so smoothly.

Thank you again, and you can be assured that I will recommend Gerstel Office Furniture to anyone I hear looking for office furniture.



Sarah Shannon

Operation's Manager

Dear Allen:

As we celebrate our first anniversary in business and as and as we once again thank you for additional furniture for our firm, we want to take this opportunity to thank you and all of your employees for the support you have given us from the time we founded our law firm and opened for business on January 1, 1996. The furniture you have supplied us and the service in support of its delivery, installation and maintenance has been superb. All of you personnel have been completely responsive to our needs and our needs have been many. Whenever there has been a rare problem, it has been solved to our satisfaction immediately.

You should know that our many visitors and clients who have come to our offices have complimented on your products. And you know that we are particularly proud of the beautiful six drawer wooden lateral files from the old local bank which you refinished perfectly for us. In short, we are happy to have you as a participant in our new legal enterprise and hope to use you in the future as we expand over the years, Happy New Year to you and all of your staff



Joseph diGenova and Victoria Toesing

Mr. John Anderson, Designer