Refurbished and Used Filing Cabinets DC, MD, VA

While the concept of a paperless office has been around since the late 1970s, it has not yet come to full fruition. Offices still need access to hard copies and we have a wide range of filing options available.

Lateral files are the most space efficient and are what are used most often in offices for larger amounts of storage. A row of matching lateral files is pleasing to the eye, and will hold a significant amount of documents. They come in sizes ranging from two to five drawers tall and 30″, 36″ and 42″ wide and will all hold either letter or legal size paper. Normally they are metal, but they also come in smaller wood and laminate styles to match our private office furniture and occasionally taller wood files from executive suites for a true, high end look.

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There are many other types of files. Vertical files come in letter or legal size and in two to five drawers. The shorter two drawer ones are also know as pedestals and can fit under a worksurface. Pedestals can also come with three drawers (two smaller box drawers and one file drawer). Fireproof files are available in both vertical and lateral styles. Getting rarer and rarer now a days are two other types of files. Card files for all types of index cards and map or flat files for large drawings and prints. Whiles these are not always in stock, check out our online store or call us for these.