Conference Room Furniture

Refurbished and Used Conference Room Furniture

Conference rooms are where your company really wants to shine, or where they really want to get down to business. We carry all manner of conference tables. From fine wood tables meant to impress clients to bulletproof laminate war room tables that employees live at for days at a time. Sizes vary from 30” round tables to 30 foot boardroom tables. We have everything in-between as well. Many have built in data and power options, or we can customize tables lacking this option to suit your needs.

Don’t forget the accessories that can turn a bare conference room into a very usable area. A sideboard or credenza for keeping important items at hand, along with being usable for displaying marketing materials or serving coffee, snacks or meals from is always a good item to have. In addition, a conference board on the wall for note taking and brainstorming is nice accessory to round out the functionality of the room.

Our conference room furniture can be sold in three ways, as is, touched up or refurbished. All are given full structural inspections to ensure years of trouble free use. A refurbished table is one that is sanded down and resprayed in a color of your choosing (see refinishing section for clarification and limitations), and given a structural check. We aim for this product to look 95% new. A table that is touched up is either laminate, or wood in good condition. We will clean and polish it, as well as color in any discolorations in the wood. An as is table is cleaned and turned over to you to use.