This is the page you are most likely not going to read, but our ego demands that it be here. Since 1985, the Gerstel family has personified excellence in quality pre-owned office furniture in the Washington, DC area. With founding family members active in the business, and bringing in the third generation of Gerstels, you can be assured of the personal service that only a local, family owned business can provide.

Our mission since our founding has been to provide the finest quality used furniture at all price points. So don’t let the Finest Office Furniture tag line scare you away. Yes, we have some exquisite high end pieces available. But we also have good quality, well built, good condition furniture for even the most budget minded.  And, of course, everything in between with a focus on obtaining offices of matching furniture so you can furnish your new space with a consistent look throughout.

When we started the business in 1985, we knew we were the best option for environmentally friendly office furniture. Back then, we had some discussions with un-named government officials who insisted “You’re not an environmentally friendly business, you just sell used office furniture.” They insisted that buying something new that was made out of recycled materials was better for the environment than buying something used. We knew the phrase was Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, and was in that order for a reason.

Eventually, everyone came around to our way of thinking. Government and businesses realized the greenest option was to reuse high quality furniture that still had a long lifespan ahead. Even the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Program from the U.S. Green Building Council agrees and gives points for purchasing locally sourced used furniture.


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